Ongoing Service: 26 and Collaboration: 20
Pending Projects: 26

ID Project Title Applicant Topics Manager Status
5369Identification of Naegleria fowleri virulence-associated genes using compartaive genomicsI. MarcelinoGenomics (Illumina). New
5305Transcriptomics of skin repairL. PedutoBioinformatics (Dry)T. CokelaerKick-off meeting
5273Gene expression profiling of hepatocytes infected with intergenotypic hepatitis C virus Core recombinantsE. SimonTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
5272Identification of phage receptorsF. Le RouxGenomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
5242Phage – Bacteria coevolutionL. De SordiGenomics (Illumina)M. MonotSequencing
5207Resequencing of K. pneumoniae clonesO. RenduelesGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)J. Pipoli-da-fonsecaKick-off meeting
5124Gene expression profiling of multiple cellular models of the progeroid disease Cockayne syndromeC. CROCHEMORETranscriptomics (Illumina)V. BriolatLibraries
5119Sequencing of the genome of a Yersinia enterocolitica clinical isolateJ. PIZARRO-CERDAGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)L. MaLibraries
5109SABA – SARS-CoV-2 and interferon-induced transcriptomes of horseshoe bat cellsS. AicherTranscriptomics (Illumina)J. Pipoli-da-fonsecaData analysis
5101Identification of the YeiL direct regulon in E. coliS. DubracEpigenetics (ChIP-Seq)J. Pipoli-da-fonsecaData analysis
5075PHINDaccess _ EvoMH _DNAseqB. MARDASSIGenomics (Illumina)I. NajjarData analysis
5056Analysis of large deletions within the IgG1 constant regionE. VincendeauGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)J. Pipoli-da-fonsecaData analysis
5055Detection of RNA mycovirus in Aspergillus fumigatus strainsT. FerreiraTranscriptomics (Illumina)V. BriolatLibraries
5041Natural variability and dynamics of bacterial communities associated to Aedes aegypti mosquitoesA. VEGA RUAMetagenomics (16s)V. BriolatLibraries
5034Projet récurrent Souris oligoMM12M. BERARDMetagenomics (Shotgun)V. BriolatLibraries
4985Integron cassette recombinationC. LootGenomics (Illumina)L. MaSequencing
4981Emergence of viral sub-population of SARS-Co-V2 in response to immunoglobulin treatmentF. LARROUSGenomics (Illumina)J. Pipoli-da-fonsecaData analysis
4943Sequencing of Vibrio cholerae strainsR. EgillGenomics (Illumina)J. Pipoli-da-fonsecaData analysis
4917ChIP-sequencing of transcription factors modulate biofilm formation in Candida albicansL. RaiEpigenetics (ChIP-Seq)T. CokelaerData analysis
4891Determinants of Yersinia pathogenicityJ. PIZARRO-CERDATranscriptomics (Illumina)V. BriolatData analysis
4555PHINDaccess _ TransLeish_ RNAseqF. GuerfaliTranscriptomics (Illumina)I. NajjarLibraries
4549PHINDaccess _ TransLeish_ DNAseqD. LAOUINIGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)I. NajjarLibraries
4512Study of CRISPR/Cas9-induced genomic alterations as a result of targeted genome editing.A. TACHTSIDIGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)J. Pipoli-da-fonsecaData analysis
4238Systemic and mucosal immune response variation during SARS-CoV-2 infection and recoveryP. GoncalvesMetagenomics (16s)L. MaSequencing
4079The effect of cold atmospheric plasma on healing of infected burn wounds (suite du 2224)O. DUSSURGETTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotData analysis
2152confidentialA. KHODROthersM. MonotData analysis