Ongoing Service: 21 and Collaboration: 20
Pending Projects: 34

ID Project Title Applicant Topics Manager Status
4626VIRUS EMERGENTS. High priority : First outbreak of Oropouche Fever reported in French GuianaA. LavergneGenomics (Illumina)M. MonotKick-off meeting
4616Study of immune crosstalk in COVID-19C. ChauvinGenomics (Illumina)L. MaKick-off meeting
4593Deciphering the type VII secretion system, esx-4, in Mycobacterium abscessusA. PawlikGenomics (Illumina). New
4591Identification of host susceptibility factors to Mycobacterium abscessus infection in cystic fibrosis context using Drosophila as modelA. PawlikTranscriptomics (Illumina). New
4588Collaborative work for optimization and standardization of fungal DNA extraction from fecal samplesM. BougnouxMetagenomics (16s). New
4531PHINDaccess _ TheileriaG. KaisGenomics (Illumina)I. NajjarLibraries
4516Effects of Acyl-Homoserine lactone, bacterial communication molecules, on gut microbiota compositionG. CoquantMetagenomics (16s)G. HaustantKick-off meeting
4508Nico-COVIDF. LARROUSTranscriptomics (Illumina)E. KornobisLibraries
44941.Characterizing enzymatically synthesized oligonucleotides by NGSC. PeponnetGenomics (Illumina)M. MonotData analysis
4487Identification of the targets of the full-length or processed forms of two E. coli sRNAsM. GuillierTranscriptomics (Illumina)V. BriolatLibraries
4437Projet récurrent Souris oligoMM12M. BerardMetagenomics (Shotgun)M. MonotSequencing
4410Whole-genome sequencing library preparation to provide accurate complete genomes of five strains of Staphylococcus aureusN. FrescalineGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)M. MonotSequencing
4370Comparative Microbiota Analysis: Monod vs Metchnikoff Animal FacilitiesP. Dias BastosMetagenomics (16s)G. HaustantLibraries
4360Whole genome transcriptionC. ChapardTranscriptomics (Illumina)V. BriolatLibraries
4252PacBio sequencing of opportunistic environmental mycobacteria closely related to M. tuberculosisC. SousGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)L. MaSequencing
4239Deciphering the regulatory role of CsrA in Leptospira biflexaM. PicardeauTranscriptomics (Illumina)J. Pipoli-da-fonsecaSequencing
4189Transcriptional response of M. tuberculosis to candidate drug Macozinone.R. BroschTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
3841PacBio sequencing of representative Vibrio crassostreae genotypesF. Le RouxGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)M. MonotSequencing
3727Whole genome sequencing of 2 Streptococcus macedonicus isolatesB. PerichonGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)T. CokelaerData analysis
3371PacBio Days: Effect of temperature on Chikugunya virus transmission byR. BelloneMetagenomics (16s)V. BriolatLibraries
3249Analysis of the transcriptome during lyssavirus infection in torpid bat: an in vitro model. Act 2L. DACHEUXTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries