Ongoing Service: 43 and Collaboration: 9
Pending Projects: 37

ID Project Title Applicant Topics Manager Status
17686Transcriptomic analysis of compensatory proliferation in DrosophilaR. Staneva. New
17682SARS-CoV-2 Envelope PBM : factor of pathogenicityF. ALVAREZ. New
17673Study of the impact of obesity on NK cell phenotype and function in people living with HIVE. BeaumontSingle Cells (GEX/ATAC/ADT/Multiome…)C. BaumKick-off meeting
17627Nanopore genome sequencing of poultry Mycoplasma meleagridis Tunisian strainsB. Ben Abdelmoumen MardassiGenomics (Long Read)I. VitrenkoKick-off meeting
17626Whole-genome comparative analysis of Nannizziopsis obscura species complexD. GARCIA HERMOSOGenomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
17624Molecular identity of urotensin 2-expressing cells in xenopus and zebrafishH. TostivintSingle Cells (GEX/ATAC/ADT/Multiome…)M. MonotSequencing
17606Analysis of carbon monoxide–microbiota interactions in obesityR. MotterliniMetagenomics (Shotgun)A. HabibLibraries
17601Effect of nucleotides on bacterial transcriptomeZ. BaharogluTranscriptomics (Illumina)E. TurcLibraries
17537Genoix characterization of scaper phagesH. ShomarGenomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
17455Whole genome sequencing of a new isolated Pichia Pastoris strainC. MagnanGenomics (Long Read)I. VitrenkoKick-off meeting
17452VarImMetE. MaloneySingle CellsM. MonotSequencing
17430RBMX protects genomic DNA from APOBEC3A EditingK. RAYMONDGenomics (Illumina)G. HaustantData analysis
17418Identification of microbiota species associated with metabolic diseases in the Tunisian populationR. KEFIMetagenomics (Shotgun)I. NajjarLibraries
17416Molecular characterization of extracellular vesicles of mycobacteriaL. MiglinciGenomics (Illumina)L. MaKick-off meeting
17411Aspergillus and MycovirusT. Ghelfenstein-FerreiraTranscriptomics (Illumina)A. HabibSequencing
17237Differential gene expression in a L. interrogans strain resistant to superoxideN. BenaroudjTranscriptomics (Illumina)T. CokelaerSequencing
17152Transcriptomic comparisons of African trypanosome infections in mouse skin and blood_2J. TSAGMO NGOUNETranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
17030Role of ExoY in Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection of airway epithelial cellsG. DupuisTranscriptomics (Illumina)E. TurcData analysis
17016Characterisation of a novel proviral function of Vago genes during dengue virus infection in Aedes aegypti mosquitoesE. CoudercTranscriptomics (Illumina)A. HabibLibraries
17000Amélioration de la prise en charge des Déficits Immunitaires Primitifs de l’enfant et de l’adulte en TunisieM. Ben AliGenomics (Illumina)I. NajjarLibraries
16999Caractérisation génétique de patients HIV controllers « extrêmes »L. ChakrabartiBioinformatics (Dry)T. CokelaerData analysis
16959Role of vimentin in glioblastoma multiforme gene expressionE. InfanteSingle CellsC. BaumData analysis
16819Microbiota associated with Listeria monocytogenesS. SarfatiMetagenomics (Shotgun)A. HabibSequencing
16810Identification of a mutation influencing susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2 brain invasionM. XavierGenomics (Illumina)L. MaData analysis
16779SPV1 RNAseqM. Gomez-Raya VilanovaTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
16716Microorganisms diversity in drinking water.M. NdioneMetagenomics (16s)M. MonotSequencing
16694Host responses to commensals and pathogen overwriting of transcriptional equilibriumM. ConnorTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
16693Bacterioma of free-living amoebae isolated from the drinking supply network in GuadeloupeY. VingataraminMetagenomics (16s)A. HabibSequencing
16625Role of extracellular vesicles in the modulation of the antibiotic stress response in E.coliJ. BosTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
16554SARS-CoV-2 Wastewater Based Epidemiology in sanitation settings in AfricaF. GuerfaliGenomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
16526Transcriptomic analysis of Penicillium camemberti’s liquid cultures depending on different nutritive conditions or oxidative stressesA. ParadisTranscriptomics (Illumina)I. VitrenkoData analysis
16435SAMPLINGSv. chesnaisGenomics (Long Read)C. BaumLibraries
16297Séquençage du génome complet du COBRA TunisienA. BenkahlaGenomics (Illumina)I. NajjarLibraries
16295WGS of 9 Mycoplasma meleagridis strainsB. MardassiGenomics (Illumina)I. NajjarLibraries
16064Impact of co-aggregation in cross-talk between Veillonella parvula and Streptococcus gordoniiL. DorisonTranscriptomics (Illumina)I. VitrenkoSequencing (High Throughput)
16040Transcriptomic modifications of signalling pathways in avian cells infected by Eimeria tenellaN. RachidiTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
15972ANR BIP – Boosting respiratory innate immunity to treat pneumonia caused by antibiotic- resistant bacteriaA. BENECKETranscriptomics (Illumina)G. HaustantLibraries
15903RNA sequencing of Klebsiella capsule swapsO. renduelesTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotData analysis
7298Phage adaptation to CRISPR immunitym. GuillemetGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)M. MonotSequencing
7195The role of vimentin in the mechanosensitive regulation of transcription in glioblastoma cellsE. InfanteTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotData analysis
6060NanocapM. MonotOthersM. MonotLibraries
4555PHINDaccess _ TransLeish_ RNAseqF. GuerfaliTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
4357Gene therapy of Steinert disease using highly specific DNA endonucleases (part 2)G. RichardGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)M. MonotSequencing