Ongoing Service: 21 and Collaboration: 17
Pending Projects: 19

ID Project Title Applicant Topics Manager Status
6360Metabolic environment and epigenetic programming on the early embryo in rabbitR. Via y RadaEpigenetics (ATAC-Seq)M. MonotSequencing
6351Impact of systemic hypoxia on satellite cell fate and muscle repair post-injuryG. MarianneTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
6282Effect of bile salt on microbiota compositionL. CHAFFRINGEONMetagenomics (16s)G. HaustantSequencing
6238Study of the bacterial integron cassette shufflingC. LootGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)M. MonotLibraries
6199KPN SSSM. HaudiquetGenomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
6094Function of the transcription factor pig1 in Scedosporium apiospermum.G. AmandineTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
6037Analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis spontaneous mutant strains isolated on a compound that targets MmpL3G. ManinaGenomics (Illumina)E. KornobisLibraries
6030Investigation of chromosomal DNA transfer between mycobacterial strainsJ. MadackiGenomics (Illumina)L. MaLibraries
5948Leptospira response upon exposure to human serumA. GIRAUD–GATINEAUTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
5932Study of the antagonistic effects between oral commensal streptococcal species and common Gram negative respiratory pathogens (Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa).L. CREMETTranscriptomics (Illumina)E. TurcData analysis
5880Whole genome sequencing of Streptococcus gallolyticus clinical isolatesS. DramsiGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)T. CokelaerSequencing
5778Corynebacterium diphtheriae sequencing in long readZ. NoraOthersM. MonotLibraries
5769RNA-seq KlebsiellaO. RenduelesTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
5694Identification and design of new AAV vectors for gene therapy of deafnessM. CornilleGenomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
5437DNAseq of the MVA+ ΔiscUA-ΔsufABCDSE strainM. LENONGenomics (Illumina)V. BriolatSequencing
5332Nasopharyngeal barcodes to predict COVID-19 complications ONP BarcodesF. VeyrierMetagenomics (Shotgun)M. MonotSequencing (High Throughput)
5124Gene expression profiling of multiple cellular models of the progeroid disease Cockayne syndromeC. CROCHEMORETranscriptomics (Illumina)V. BriolatData analysis
4980Investigate the regulation of IL-23R expression in innate and adaptive T cell populationsY. HananeEpigenetics (ATAC-Seq)V. BriolatData analysis
4591Identification of host susceptibility factors to Mycobacterium abscessus infection in cystic fibrosis context using Drosophila as modelA. PawlikTranscriptomics (Illumina)E. TurcLibraries
4475Transcriptional response of ancestral and modern M. tuberculosis strains after exposure to oxidative stress or hypoxiaR. BroschTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
3003Understanding the transition of typical C. neoformans yeasts to Titan cells through transcriptome analysisA. AlanioTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries