Ongoing Service: 23 and Collaboration: 24
Pending Projects: 26

ID Project Title Applicant Topics Manager Status
4326NEURO-COVIDP. Pérot. New
4253Restriction of SARS-CoV-2 replication by coding and non-coding genes (ROSA)n. jouvenetTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotAwaiting samples
4239Deciphering the regulatory role of CsrA in Leptospira biflexaM. PicardeauTranscriptomics (Illumina)J. Pipoli-da-fonsecaKick-off meeting
4215Analysis of induced point mutation in the multiple copies of a transgenic mouseF. JONSSONGenomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
4207Metagenomic analysis of the bacterial microbiota of Anopheles mosquitoesP. BALDACCIMetagenomics (16s)M. MonotLibraries
4177Projet récurrent Souris oligoMM12B. MarionMetagenomics (Shotgun)M. MonotLibraries
4135Influence of host microbiota on susceptibility to Listeria monocytogenes infectionL. HafnerMetagenomics (16s)V. BriolatSequencing
4122COVID19 neurotropism: RNASeq analysis on neurological tissues of infected hamstersF. LARROUSTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotSequencing
4079The effect of cold atmospheric plasma on healing of infected burn wounds (suite du 2224)O. DUSSURGETTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotAwaiting samples
4069Genome sequence of phage infecting vibrios that are pathogenic to oystersF. Le RouxGenomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
4003Transcriptional profiling of transcription factors alter biofilm formation in Candida albicansL. RAITranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotLibraries
3893Microbiome of free-living amoebae (FLA): risks for water quality in GuadeloupeI. MarcelinoGenomics (Illumina)M. MonotData analysis
3862Effect of different carbon sources on V. cholerae gene expression and antibiotic resistanceZ. BaharogluTranscriptomics (Illumina)E. KornobisLibraries
3841PacBio sequencing of representative Vibrio crassostreae genotypesF. Le RouxGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)M. MonotLibraries
3840I disagree to publish this public summary on Institut Pasteur websiteA. LebrunMetagenomics (16s)V. BriolatKick-off meeting
3747Defining the mechanisms of action of biologic therapies in spondyloarthritisL. RoggeTranscriptomics (Illumina)V. BriolatData analysis
3575Metabolic regulation of mitochondrial morphology 3T. WaiTranscriptomics (Illumina)E. KornobisData analysis
3563DNA methylation and global epigenetic regulation in the human pathogen Leptospira interrogansM. PICARDEAUGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)J. Pipoli-da-fonsecaSequencing
3546Impact of natural bacterial microbiome associated to Ae. aegypti breeding sites and mosquitoes from Guadeloupe on vector competence for Dengue and Zika virusL. HERYMetagenomics (16s)V. BriolatSequencing
3371PacBio Days: Effect of temperature on Chikugunya virus transmission byR. BelloneMetagenomics (16s)V. BriolatLibraries
3354Microbiota-Epigenomic Crosstalk in Terminal Liver Diseases of Patients from MENAP. PineauMetagenomics (16s)L. MotreffAwaiting samples
3249Analysis of the transcriptome during lyssavirus infection in torpid bat: an in vitro model. Act 2L. DACHEUXTranscriptomics (Illumina)M. MonotAwaiting samples
1713Phylogeny and evolution of the Neisseriaceae familyF. veyrierGenomics (PacBio/Long Read)M. MonotSequencing