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#6351 : Impact of systemic hypoxia on satellite cell fate and muscle repair post-injury
Topics: Transcriptomics (Illumina)
Origin: Academic
Project type: Service

Name of Applicant: GERVAIS-TAUREL Marianne
Date of application: 19-11-2021
Unit: Other
Location: Faculté de Médecine, Créteil
Phone: 0662238461
@ Mail:
@ PI-Mail:

Project context and summary:

Adult muscle stem cells (MuSCs) are required for skeletal muscle growth and robust regenerative capacity. In response to injury, quiescent MuSCs are activated and proliferate before either self-renewing or differentiating and fusing to form new myofibers. While myogenesis and muscle angiogenesis are coupled during muscle growth and repair, the dynamics of hypoxia during regeneration has been overlooked. In this study, we demonstrate the essential role of transient hypoxia followed by progressive muscle reoxygenation to orchestrate myogenic muscle stem cell fate for efficient muscle repair. In vivo and in vivo, we demonstrated that prolonged hypoxia blunts the differentiation as well as the fusion capacity of MuSCs and delays muscle regeneration. We now want to explore the molecular mechanism responsible for the decreased myogenic capacity of MuSCs under prolonged hypoxia.

Related team publications:
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Service Delivery
Status: Libraries

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